Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Party/REunion

photos were taken from a christmas party that i went to on December 22nd, which is also like our reunion coz we haven't seen each others faces for quite a while. I must say it was pretty cray cray, lots of drinking, camwhoring, and whoring.

thrifted blazer, vintage shirt, Zara pants, Zara shoes, Asos necklace, MK watch

Joanne is wearing Zara blazer, shirt. lace short, and shoes


before getting drunkie

modelling 101

modelling 101 part 2

joane, nikki, and monica

intense conversation

love this picture

GP '07


89ers and pillow

love this photo

drunkie gf = poor bf

GP '09

me with Jan, lovely, Dee
me with bffs 

girls in white

dee and krizia before giving their bfs lapdance


Drunk Joane and Krizia

The end

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Style Diary: Faux Fur Hat

for someone like me who is just never satisfied with a clean outfit, Fur Hat would make such a good statement, for that blatant presence that i subconsciously crave for.

Ralph Lauren Blazer, AA Shirt, H&M gloves, hat, scarf

H&M bag, Zara Shoes+Pants

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Style Diary: Drama meets Earth

what else would i do when taking a picture and the wind just happens to blow violently, ofcourse, nothing but dramatic. THis day i decided to wear "2011 Fall colours" w/c are my obsessions atm, i love how earth tone totally dominated my fave retail stores this fall. Though prints are starting to be around, jsut see Zara stores and ull know what i mean,but for now, im still all for fall.

Zara Coat, American Apparel SHirt & Cardigan H&M Scarf and pants, ASOS.COM bag

BoatShoes from Ross

Sunday, December 11, 2011

style Diary: Purple Pants

when wearing a coloured pants its important to match it either with neutral colours, or remain with its scheme. See how i wore blue trench and denim top to go with my purple pants, yes i stayed near the purple scheme and wore a pair or black oxford & my Asos bicolour bag to complete the outfit. Whysohaute right?!

H&M Trench, pants, shoes Thrifted Denim top UO wool toque(?)

H&M, F21, Titanium watch

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Style Diary: Raincouver

Parkas are def one of the "must haves" here in Vancouver, mainly because of its water repellency(not a word but u know what I mean) feature.But because its a trend, its popularity is inevitable AND as much as possible I try to minimize adopting trend, thats why i bought this dark cream parka because i just feel the need to dress differently to represent and embrace my difference,to remain true to my fabulous and happy self.

Vintage accessories, MK watch
Pacific Trail Parka, American apparel hoodie, Zara pants, Urban outfitters hat, Asos bag

Utbanoutfitters shoes & socks

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

style diary: Red+Purple

this was my outfit when i was going crazy starting my paper, thankfully i did finished it though not on time, still, I Survived. Peace Fall Semester 2011

Zara Loafers 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

style diary: colour me fall

I stopped by a park near my school and took this photos few weeks ago. Not too far from the park there was a renovation at someone's house's backyard and you can just imagine the stares and laughs i got from running back and forth,bec of the 10sec timer shot,  to take these photos.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

my birthday dinner meals

a month ago, I celebrated my Birthday at Joe Fortes with my closest friends in the industry. It was very last minute so, i only invited few friends. The food we had were divine. it was too long ago to remember the specific names of what we ordered so just see for urself from the link i included.

Leyla, Krizia, Kitkat and I ordered this, it was Joe Fortes' special that day.

nikki's dinner, Ahi Tuna

Erin's Dinner

my birthday cake courtesy of Joe Fortes

Dee and Pat

Nikki and Erin who were matching that night

Krizia fresh from Paris

Kitkat and Caitlin

outside Joe Fortes

Group Picture minus darylle, who always volunteers to take the group  picture when no ones willing to take it.