Monday, January 24, 2011

Candy Land?

this weekend Maika celebrated her 19th Birthday at Carmana Plaza, where we basically celebrate every single event, pretty much, with a theme of "CANDYLAND".  Maika's invitation specifically asked attendees to wear something "Candy-feel" clothing, but, predictably, some people  showed up wearing black, LAMEASSBITCHES(no offence to those people). But nonetheless the Party was definitely a blast. It was a night of camwhoring, blowjob, penis jello shots, dancing, sucking other people's lollipop,which i thought was weird to say the least, and a lot MORE CAMWHORING.
HappY BIrthday Maika
Maika with Ariel, aren't they just the cutest?

My Twin sister and I, were the like the prettiest that night, togther with Krizia!

Patrina(?) isn't she gorgeous?!

BIrthday girl with the boys!

too happy

Pretty Girls and Lei(in yellow)

Maika's pretty friends and Lei(sad face)

Maika with Mark, who is extremely obsessed with me!

with VIrgo, who is soo madly in-love with me, too bad hes not my type!

Maika wanted to kiss me that night, yikes!


Krizia and I were soo close that night! bahahhaha uyyyyyyy

Krizia's electric blue booties are too die for!



Forever Alone!

Maika's brother, I can't really say anything coz hes just too young!

Ivan after dancing like its  2012

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it got too hot inside but i didn't wanna stop partying so i partyed outside with Mark, and Chiny who took the pic!

Happy BIrthday Maika! Muahhh


  1. if this had a "like" button, i'd hit it up.
    Party was dope, pictures are even tighter.
    Mad love.

  2. Maika's party is just Legit man! GG! bahahhaha