Monday, January 17, 2011


Randomness would be my word of the day: First, i went to church by myself, and saw Ate Abby&Mother Dear, and then i went to SFU to do some K-Drama catching up coz i havent been watching for a while now. After the 4 hour maximum parking limit i left central city, fed myself @ central city Park, which btw is Uber Cool&CLean, with some Chinese food/cake, and took some pics for my blog.And Finally i decided to visit Hammy who died 2 days ago, RIP Hammy, ure a cute dummy Hamster. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Vanilla/Lemon Cake & Mango Mousse Cake

SHoes: ZARA, Pants: Levis, Shirt: American Apparel, Blazer: Vintage, Bag: Urban Outfitters
they said "HI" to me, soo sweet!

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