Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vancouver Patio Dining

We may be from West Coast, but we certainly dont get that Mediterranean climate which Californian does. So when the first warm rays of summer grace city sidewalks, Vancouverites can’t wait to get outside for some patio dining.

Few weeks ago we were dying for some patio times and really couldn't think of anywhere to go, so we decided to go where people usually goes, English Bay. Overlooking Vancouver’s most popular urban beach, offers an unforgettable dining experience. You can enjoy spectacular sunsets while sampling fresh West Coast cuisine.

English Bay from Phoric on Vimeo.

Zara Hat, RayBan Sunglasses, UO tank, UO Shirt

Raspberry Mimosa

Lemon/Lime Mimosa

i had Grilled Chicken Breast Burger with Californian topping(house made avocado salsa, tomato and double-smoked bacon), &  Caesar salad

JO and Pat Beef Burger with Californian Topping

Apple Crumble Crisp

Milestone's BREAKUPTUB is to die for.

My baby was working that day!!! bahaahah dream on biatch.  milestone crew


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