Thursday, September 8, 2011

eidel's b-day part 1

two weeks ago i went to Eidel's birthday madness at Cascadia Hotel and Suite's Penthouse, then headed to Canvas Lounge to get my dancing-like-theres-no-tomorrow Fix. But i will be posting Canvas pics on the next post, AIGht!!!

here are some decent pics:

her birthday cake

dee and jo's dinner outfit

birthday celebrant

cascadia's penthouse bedroom

still in the bedroom

living room

group picture

Aaron's BFF + our view. Isn't it Beautiful

Aaron and his Bff, im sorry i forgot his name

hahaha hiding my toenails~~~

his name is FARM! YES F.A.R.M.

i don't remember what was happening in this picture

Rhum+coke drinking race!JO, Karen and I totally owned thos 3 lamers

this chola thought us "tu pechula es muy grande en la manana", LOVE HER

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